Immigration Reform Delayed


After we reported in late-August that action on immigration reform by President Obama was imminent, the White House announced that it will delay a decision until after the mid-term elections in November.   In June of this year, the President stated that he was prepared to act unilaterally via an Executive Order by the end of the summer if Congress refused to address immigration reform.  Under heavy pressure from Republicans and Democrats alike, the President delayed his decision.

The President announced his decision to delay action personally during an appearance on Meet the Press this past Sunday.  The President stated that he preferred to enter into a dialogue with the Nation on the need for immigration reform and the actions he is determined to take.  The President also stated that his decision was not related to the concerns that a conservative uproar could impact Democrats in the upcoming mid-term elections.

Whatever the reason, the President’s decision disappointed immigration advocates who vowed to continue pressuring the White House for action.