Our Projects

We target commercial enterprises and projects which are leaders in our approved 14 industry segments: Education, Homeland Security and Defense, Financial and Professional Services, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Clean Energy, Aviation and Aerospace, Tourism and Entertainment, Information Technology, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Maritime and Real Estate. These industries represent Florida’s key target industries and our multi-industry approval provides us the advantage of being able to select potential EB-5 projects from a wide array of opportunities.

It is our experience that a successful EB-5 project begins with our Regional Center’s selection process. We select EB-5 projects that in our experience will be well received by immigrant investors.  As an independent Regional Center, our legal, financial and operational due diligence and EB-5 project selection process is not subject to conflicts of interest.  With approval to engage in all of Florida’s key industries we have the distinct advantage of reviewing and selecting from superior opportunities that demonstrate the characteristics of a successful EB-5 project. In making a selection, we believe that our main goal is to ensure that the objectives of the immigrant investors and the EB-5 program are met. We accomplish this by selecting EB-5 projects that are located within a Targeted Employment Areas, that are not heavily reliant on EB-5 funds, that can demonstrate the financing necessary to complete the EB-5 project has been obtained, that the job creation will be completed on a timely basis and result in more new net jobs than needed per immigrant investor, that immigrant investors will not only obtain the conditional Green Card but also the permanent Green Card, that the terms and conditions of the EB-5 financing provide collateral and security interests that adequately protect the immigrant investors, that provide a reasonable ROI and that the full-face value of the principal invested by the immigrant investors will be returned upon maturity of the EB-5 financing.

Immigrant investors seeking to learn more about our EB-5 projects and businesses seeking EB-5 financing should contact our office to discuss potential opportunities.  Immigrant investors may wish to review and complete our questionnaires to assist us in determining suitability for the EB-5 program and our EB-5 projects.