Our Regional Center identifies suitable EB-5 opportunities and seeks approval from the USCIS on a project-to-project basis.  Because our EB-5 projects are located within Targeted Employment Areas Immigrant investors may participate for a minimum investment of $500,000, exclusive of applicable fees and expenses.  Immigrant investors accepted to our EB-5 projects are required to commence the immigration process as quickly as possible.  Failure to do so may result in the substitution of an immigrant investor.

All investments are irrevocable and the investment proceeds, including applicable fees and expenses, are held in escrow by nationally recognized banking institutions.  Investment proceeds will be returned to the account of origin should the immigrant investor’s I-526 Petition be denied or the immigrant investor fail to timely file the I-526 Petition.

In order to satisfy the EB-5 program requirements that an investment is irrevocable and at-risk, we require that the investment proceeds held in escrow be disbursed immediately upon the approval of each individual I-526 Petition in accordance with the terms and conditions of the EB-5 project.  We treat all immigrant investors the same and at no time will the immigrant investment be funded by the Regional Center, be subject to guarantees, buy-backs or redemptions.  Accordingly, investments are irrevocable, non-refundable and wholly at-risk, except as set forth above.

The Regional Center provides EB-5 financing solely to qualifying commercial enterprises approved by the USCIS and which operate within a Targeted Employment Area within our geographic area and our 14 approved industry sectors.  Generally, loans will have a term of at least 5 years and interest only payments will be required during the term. During the term of the loans, investors will receive their pro-rata share of the interest paid in accordance with the terms and conditions of each EB-5 project.  Upon maturity of the loans, investors will receive the full-face value of their principal investment, in addition to any interest owed.