Our Role

As a Regional Center we view our ultimate role is to protect the immigrant investors and to ensure that their objectives and those of the EB-5 program are met.  To accomplish this role we have vast obligations, not all of which can be stated here.  It begins with the day-to-day management of the Regional Center in compliance with USCIS rules and regulations and the internal compliance and procedures we have established for this purpose.  We also manage the EB-5 financings in our role as general partners to the limited partnerships organized for this purpose. The limited partnership agreement establishes the duties of the general partner, which will include most of the activities relevant to a successful EB-5 financing.

The general partner is responsible for conducting legal, financial and operational due diligence to determine that the proposed EB-5 project meets the criteria of the limited partnership.  This would also include preparing all the necessary documentation to effectuate the EB-5 financing and obtain approval from the USCIS.  As part of this due diligence, the general partner must determine that the job creation criteria will be met and to monitor the job creation on a go-forward basis.  This would include engaging an experienced EB-5 economist to prepare an economic impact study.  The general partner will also ensure that the offering of the exempt securities will be in compliance with U.S. securities laws and regulations and with the terms and conditions of the EB-5 financing.  The commercial enterprise and EB-5 project will be monitored by the general partner to ensure their continuing qualification under the EB-5 program and for compliance with the EB-5 financing.  The financial performance of the commercial enterprise and EB-5 project must also be monitored to ensure the continued compliance with the terms and conditions of the EB-5 financing.  Communicating with the immigrant investors or limited partners on these issues and updating them regularly is required of the general partner.  If necessary, the general partner will call meetings.  The general partner is responsible for maintaining the books and records of the limited partnership as well as the accounting and tax reporting.  The general partner will engage professionals such as lawyers and auditors on behalf of the limited partnership as necessary. The general partner will also provide the Regional Center with the information and documentation it requires to comply with USCIS regulations and to submit the year-end compliance or I-924A.

The management team and the professionals of the Regional Center have the experience to successfully accomplish these duties.