Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County is the third most populous county in Florida and is considered one of the nation’s wealthiest counties with per capita income levels nearly 50% higher than Florida and national levels.  Palm Beach County is also one of just 22 counties in the nation to earn the highest possible bond rating, AAA, by all three major rating agencies and the only county in Florida to earn this distinction.  Palm Beach County ranks 16th among the best places in the nation to open a corporate headquarters and is one of the least expensive places to do business in the nation. Palm Beach County is also one of the largest agricultural counties in the U.S. per value of products sold and the agricultural leader among all Florida counties.

With its affluent population, supportive business climate, and great quality of life, Palm Beach County is a favored home for successful entrepreneurs.  To learn more about the business climate and economy of Palm Beach County please visit The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County.