Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade County is the most populous county in Florida and is considered one of the world’s leading metropolitan areas.  Miami is second only to New York as a U.S. center for international banking.  More than 70 foreign and domestic banks active in international trade and finance have offices in Miami, including six of the largest 10 banks in the world.  It is no surprise that Miami is the home to more than 1,500 multinational companies from around the world that includes approximately 50 from Japan, leading Korean multinationals and a significant and growing Chinese presence.  Together, these factors have earned Miami the reputation as one of the most diverse, multiethnic metropolitan areas in the world.

Miami’s thriving business environment is accentuated by its exciting year-round outdoor lifestyle and its vibrant entertainment, cultural and arts scene accentuated by its many international visitors.  To learn more about the business climate and economy of Miami-Dade County please visit The Beacon Council.