Florida is called the Sunshine State for good reason.  The tropical weather and remarkable quality of life attracts both companies and visitors to the state in record numbers.  Combined, they are among the state’s biggest assets and make Florida one of the best places to live in the U.S.  Famous for its miles and miles of sandy beaches, beautiful national parks and nature preserves and unrivaled entertainment parks, Florida is one of the top tourist destinations in the world with over 86 million visitors in 2011.  Florida also has a vibrant and well preserved eco-system containing some of the world’s rarest species. Florida offers an unmatched and attractive quality of life with its year-round outdoor lifestyle.  But Florida is about more than just fun in the sun.

Florida is one of the largest states in the nation in terms of population and personal income which ranks 1st in the Southeast.  Florida consistently ranks among the nation’s best states for business and entrepreneurs because of its pro-business fiscal policies and low cost of living.  With no personal income tax and limited corporate taxes, your dollars go further in Florida.  These factors make Florida one of the most desirable and affordable places to live in the country.

Florida’s strong economy and diverse population receives many accolades.  The states workforce is ranked 1st by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, it is ranked as the 2nd best state for business, 3rd largest state for high-technology companies, the 3rd largest exporter of high-technology goods and services, 4th largest Gross State Product, the 5th largest high-technology employer, 6th among international student population and ranks among the top 10 states for education.

Florida is a leader in attracting foreign direct investment, ranking 5th in the nation in employment by majority foreign-owned companies.  From Florida’s strategic geographic location, companies can do business globally.  With merchandise trade valued at $149 billion flowing through Florida’s airports and seaports in 2011, Florida is one of the world leaders in international trade.  With 19 commercial airports, 15 deepwater seaports and an extensive highway and rail network, Florida has one of the worlds’ most sophisticated multi-modal transportation systems.  Florida is also recognized as one of the top five telecom hubs in the world.

Florida’s economy is robust and moving forward.  If Florida were a country it would have the 20th largest economy in the world and the 8th largest economy in the Western Hemisphere.

Since its discovery 500 years ago (link to http://www.vivaflorida.org) by the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon who landed in paradise and named it Florida, we have come a long way and have something to offer everyone.   To learn more about Florida’s business climate and economy please visit Enterprise Florida. (link to http://www.eflorida.com)