Econometric Analysis

We are approved for the RIMS II econometric methodology which will be used to measure the job creation impact of the commercial enterprise receiving loans. RIMS II or Regional Input-Output Modeling System, uses multipliers to estimate how much a one-time or sustained increase in economic activity in a particular region will be supplied by industries located in the region. The data used by RIMS II is  obtained from the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the U.S. Department of Commerce. This data shows the total regional effects on industrial output, personal earning, and employment within our geographic area resulting from any industry activity. With these estimates, multipliers can be determined, which demonstrate how changes in output, earnings, and employment in one industry effect change in other industries. Likewise, changes in specific industries prompt changes in earnings and employment for regions or industry aggregations.  We have substantial experience with RIMS II and rely upon expert EB-5 economists to prepare the necessary economic impact studies for each of our EB-5 projects to predict the job creation impact.